World Festival Feature: Bizarre Festivals

Summer is out, and what better way than to take a trip down the wild side!

This week Globe Trotters brings to you the wild, wacky and sometimes downright bizarre of festivals from all around the globe.

1. Feria del Caballo

Location: Jerez, Spain
Date: 3 weeks after Semana Santa (the week leading up to Easter Sunday)

Photo 1

If you’re an avid fan of horses, look no further! Gallivant all the way to Jerez in Analucia, Spain, to frolic with the horses with glasses of sherry and dance with the flamenco clad ladies.

Feria del Caballo is an annual horse fair in Jerez, where spectators get to marvel at the daily parades of male horse riders decked in aristocratic getups. Visitors can also amuse themselves by roaming and exploring the various casetas (tents) in the fairgrounds that are set up specially for this festival. The fair also features dancing, the customary Spanish bullfights, and various horse competitions, from dressage all the way to polo.

2. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling

Location: Cooper’s Hill, Brockworth, England
Date: Last Monday of May, also known as the Spring Bank Holiday

Photo 2

Yes, virtual game giant Neopet’s cheese-rolling games had their roots in reality, and they go all the way back to Cooper’s Hill in England.

The objective of the game is simple. A 7 pound circle Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down the hill, and participants have to run down the hill to get the cheese. The first one to get to the bottom of the hill and grab the cheese wins, and gets to keep the prized cheese.

Unless you are ready to slide through mud, jostle with fellow competitors and run the risk of sustaining injuries, you will be more than content standing by the sidelines watching the mad hustle downhill for the cheese.

For more information, visit this website:

3. La Ducasse
Location: Grand Place, Mons, Belgium
Date: Trinity Sunday (15th June 2014)

Dragon slaying is not the only thing you see in movies like Shrek. It is a sport listed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Photo 3

Get ready to see the chivalrous St George battle the dragon on his noble steed!

Photo 4

Unlike traditional fairy tales where the Hero gets all the limelight, you can play your part too in grabbing the dragon’s tail of brushwood!

Credits to the Lonely Planet for its delightful repertoire of amazing festivals from around the globe.

For more information, visit this website:


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