7 Quirky Cafes & Restaurants in the World

1. Disaster Cafe – A meal during a 7.8-magnitude earthquake Disaster-Cafe

Photo Credits: OddityCentral/Youtube

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits. You would expect people to run for their lives. Instead, people are actually paying to enjoy a meal while experiencing this simulated earthquake. Waiters donning construction helmets transport customers to the “depths of the Earth” in this cave-like restaurant. Disaster might strike anytime, so remain on your toes even as you get seated!

Where: Lloret de Mar, Spain
Food: Normal fare served on heavy crockery

2. “The Lockup” – A meal in prison top-10-shibuya-22lockup-shibuya-tokyo-japon-scream-girl The-Lockup-Tokyo-007

Photo Credits: Ghina Adilla/tunimaal/tcpicks on flickr

Seeking a thrill to enhance your appetite for dinner? Experience eating in a prison when dining at The Lockup. Be ready for the monsters springing up on you throughout the course of the meal, and the power outages which leave you curious about what is approaching your back. What better way to enjoy a meal than to scream with friends and laugh along with your nearby cell mates. Just be careful not to spill your food while getting shocked.

Where: Chain outlets in Japan
Food: Expect servings of food with gory details, such as cross-shaped pizza, eyeball appetizers, beverages in chemistry cylinders & syringes, spider salads etc.
Website: http://www.lock-up.jp/

3. Hammock Cafe – A meal where your feet do not touch the ground 196te1p38rlgujpg 196te1p3byql7jpg

196te4hpvopgfjpgPhoto Credits: Brian Ashcraft

Apart from between trees in beach resorts, it is almost unthinkable to imagine a hammock anywhere else. The founders of Hammock Cafe in Tokyo have manipulated the idea of relaxation and replaced chairs with hammocks. Naturally, the cafe has a time limit of 120 minutes to guard against those who get too comfortable to budge from their hammocks.

 Tokyo, Japan
Food: Small snacks and beverages
Website: http://mahikamano.com/

4. Thanks Nature Cafe – A meal with sheep 734406_577105258975480_1102861806_n

10155822_754747007877970_102260261_nPhoto Credits: TNcafe

Cat and dog cafes are becoming more and more mainstream, but how many have heard of a sheep cafe? That is what makes this cafe unique. In the company of fluffy sheep, those with a sweet tooth can enjoy fluffy waffles and beverages. The cafe is spotless and does not reek, so make yourselves comfortable among these cute animals and enjoy your afternoon snack.

Where: Seoul, Korea
Food: Fluffy Waffles, sandwiches, desserts and beverages
Website: https://www.facebook.com/TNcafe 

5. Twins Star Diner – A meal with identical twinsThe-Twin-Stars-diner-employs-identically-dressed-siblings-to-serve-its-hungry-clients-with-food-and-drink-


Photo Credits: BelleNews and Ryan Gruss

Walk into a hall of mirrors, where every employee, from waitresses to bartenders and even the chefs, shares his/her position with an identical twin.  Inspired by the film called Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, the owner of Twin Star Diner has decided to hire only identical twins in a bid to attract more customers. P.S. While it might be difficult getting a waiter to your table in some places, Twin Star Diner ensures that there will always be two people waiting on your table.

Where: Moscow, Russia
Food: American, Russian, Thai and Eastern European cuisine
Website: –

6. Dinner in the Sky – A meal in midair




Photo credits: Dinner in the sky

Using a crane to host its diners, and with waiting staff 150 feet into the air, Dinner in the Sky is certainly one of the most unusual restaurants in the world. This spectacular dining experience allows up to 22 diners on board each time, along with the chefs, waiter, and photographer. You can even hire a band or an entertainer to play for you and your friends.

P.S. The company that owns the scary diner says that each dinner party is insured for $10 million, and everyone is given a complete safety briefing before lift-off. This bottomless luxury dining experience does not come cheap either – its $11,000 price tag might just give you a heart attack.

Where: Belgian based novelty restaurant service operating in more than 15 nations and big cities
Food: International Cuisine
Website: http://dinnerinthesky.com/

7. Cabbages and Condoms – A meal with guaranteed birth control



Photo credits: bestourism

Step into the world of condoms and experience a little bizarre culinary experience at the Cabbages and Condoms (C&C) Restaurant. Founded by a community organization (Population and Community Development Association (PDA), C&C tries to incorporate safe sex messages within the experience of enjoying a meal. The Cabbages & Condoms (C&C) Restaurant is uniquely decorated with condoms from all over the world plus messages and photos which support family planning.

Where: Thailand
Food: Thai cuisine
Website: http://www.pda.or.th/restaurant/home.html


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