10 of The World’s Most Unusual Accommodations

Not sure where to go next? We have gathered some of the world’s most interesting and quirky hotels for the reading pleasure of the intrepid and adventurous traveler within you. With these, you can make where you start your day a worthy destination in itself.

1. Sand Hotel


Photo Credits: Matt Cardy/Getty Images/Life.com

What: The world’s first, largest and only sandcastle hotel to date. Made entirely from sand in 2008, it took 1,000 tons of sand and 7 days to construct. The hotel features both open-air twin and double guestrooms, let out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Staying in such a hotel is likely to be messy since there are neither roofs nor bathroom facilities. Rest assured though, you are likely to enjoy that once-in-a-lifetime experience which is entirely worth the small inconvenience. Apologies to disappoint you though – but unfortunately, this hotel is no longer in service.
Where: Beaches of Dorset, England
Price: $21 (£10)
Website: –

2. JumboHostel

Photo Credits: JumboHostel

What: A Boeing 747 converted into a 25-room hostel, furnished minimalistic style and complete with a 24-hour café. Guests can also get exclusive close-up views of the runway from their rooms.
Where: Arlanda Airport, near Stockholm, Sweden
Price: $40 USD (dorm bed in shared rooms) – $380 USD (cockpit suite
Website: http://www.jumbostay.com/

3. Tree Hotel





Photo Credits: TreeHotel

What: Eco-friendly tree rooms surrounded by nature, each designed in unique contemporary styles. Perfect for those who need that much-needed break from technology, nature lovers, and those who are simply looking for a unique and serene experience.
Where: Harads, Sweden
Price: US $650 and above
Website: http://treehotel.se/

4. Propeller Island City Lodge






Photo Credits: Unknown

What: Think flying beds and upside-down rooms. This hotel takes quirkiness and wackiness to a whole new level. Each room is an eclectic work of art with an absolutely unique ambience.
Where: Berlin, Germany
Price: US $110 and above
Website: http://www.propeller-island.de/

5. Hotel Kakslauttanen


Photo Credits: Kaksaluttanen Arctic Resort

What: Nestled in wilderness, this hotel offers one of the Arctic Circle’s best views of the Northern Lights. Each night, lie in the comfort of your bed in a warm and insulated glass igloo, awestruck by the millions of stars in the night sky. Whenever the Northern Lights are expected, the hotel rings a bell, signaling visitors to look up into the sky.
Where: Kakslauttanen, Finland
Price: US $340 and above
Website: http://www.kakslauttanen.fi/en/accommodation/

6. Loisaba Wilderness



Photo Credits: Loisaba Website

What: Star Beds are handcrafted wooden platforms partially covered with a thatched roof. These beds are designed with wheels and can be wheeled out onto the open deck if you wish to spend a night beneath the stars. Guests are hosted by traditional Samburu and Laikipiak Massai warriors. To further enhance this authentic African experience, food is prepared and barbecued in traditional camp kitchens.
Where: Laikipia, Kenya, Africa
Price: US $495 and above
Website: http://www.loisaba.com/

7. La Villa Hamster


Source: La Villa Hamster

What: This hotel offers guests the unique opportunity to experience a day in the life of a rodent.  Complete with gigantic human-size hamster wheels, fur costumes, organic grains in feeding bottles and water fed through tubes, haystacks are also provided for sleeping. Even these are only accessible via stepladders.
Where: Nantes, France
Price: US $135 and above
Website: www.uncoinchezsoi.net

8. The Juvet Hotel



Photo Credit: Juvet

What: That unique intersection between raw Norwegian nature, its rich culture, and modern architecture. Each room promises a splendid, breathtaking picturesque view of the river, valley, the courtyard, or the gorge. A stunning view is guaranteed through all seasons.
Where: Valdolla, Norway
Price:US $395 and above
Website: http://www.juvet.com/en

9. Happy House Santorini

Photo Credit: Unknown

What: Inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean island of the same name, this resort offers guests a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to rewind and recharge. Each room even has a private jacuzzi and an exclusive ocean view! Perfect for a romantic getaway.
Where: Busan, Seoul
Price: US $120 and above
Website: http://www.hhsantorini.com/main.php

10. Giraffe Manor
GiraffeManorPhoto Credit: Giraffe Manor

What: At the Giraffe Manor, the elegant interiors and beautiful furniture are more of a bonus than the actual focus. The highlight, as suggested by the name, is the herd of resident Rothschild giraffes. Be greeted each morning and evening by the scene of these beautiful creatures poking their long necks through the windows in hope of treats before returning to the forest.
Where: Nairobi, Kenya
Price: US $720 and above
Website: http://www.thesafaricollection.com/properties/giraffe-manor


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