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Since the debut of the app store in 2008, technology has changed our lives in ways no one has previously imagined. In particular, apps like Instagram have allowed users to see the world through their personal gadgets. Appreciating videos and photos taken across the globe helps us understand different cultures, exposes us to global opportunities, and grows our mind to be more accepting of differences. These are the very same values that the Travitas team holds close to heart.

For this week’s feature, we have identified 7 inspirational Instagram accounts that will inspire you to become a better global citizen. These people range from award-winning photographers to travellers like you and I.

1. flighttravels (Gavin Leow)

Gavin graduated from Singapore Management University and runs a famous YouTube channel on flight experience. In spite of his young age, he has traveled to places all around the world, from Uzbekistan to United States, Uruguay to Israel, several European countries, and even Ethiopia.

Thumbs up to our fellow Singaporean, and an outstanding SMU alumnus 🙂

2. alexstrohl (Alex Strohl)

Remember those days when taking photos equated buying a good camera? Well, Alex Strohl will convince you that the iPhone can actually take pretty decent photos too. Alex is a Madrid-born, French photographer and entrepreneur whose travels around the world have culminated in his unique style of photography. His mobile photography work has been featured in notable publications, ranging from Forbes to Vanity Fair to Buzzfeed.

3. smokedrift (Tan Bingrong)


The second Singaporean on this list, Tan Bingrong is young, knowledgeable, and deep. Recently graduated from Nanyang Technological University, he travels regularly to various places worldwide, such as India, Switzerland, Dubai, Tanzania and many more. From his photos, it is evident that the guy is definitely not your typical traveler. Each of his photos have a story behind them – while he might not have the high number of likes that he rightfully deserves, there is so much you can learn about these places through his photos.

Oh yes, and if you were to ask him about his exchange experience at Universität Stuttgart, I am sure he has a lot to share. He’s friendly, nice, and available. So ladies out there – you know what to do.

4. adventurouskate (Kate McCulley)

To all females out there who might be afraid to travel alone because of safety issues, Kate McCulley will tell you that nothing is too dangerous when comes to traveling. She is a female travel blogger who constantly goes on solo trips around the world.

At age 26, Kate quit her job to travel the world alone. She spent six months in Southeast Asia and turned her travel blog into a full-time business. Yes, she now gets paid to travel. If there is anything that we can learn from her, that would be taking the leap of faith and pursuing our dreams.

5 ivankphoto (Ivan Kashinsky)

If you think all travel photos are just pretty on the surface, then Ivan Kashinsky is here to prove you wrong. His photos are indeed pretty, but that is not all. They also showcase different aspects of the world – from people, culture, to socio-political issues.

Ivan is a freelance photographer based in Quito, Ecuador. He was born in Los Angeles in 1977 and relocated to South America in 2004. His work has been published in National Geographic, Time, Smithsonian, The New York Times, and Geo, among others. You can also view some of his past projects on his blog.

6. joshiefied (Joshua Anderson Cheong)

The final Singaporean on this list, Joshua Cheong has arguably one of the best careers, allowing him to travel far and wide. Currently working in Singapore Airlines, Joshua has crossed different continents and undertaken so many adventurous activities sometimes it’s hard not to envy. Just look at the photo above of him gazing up at the numerous stars in the sky. Who wouldn’t want such a life?

7. andrewquilty (Andrew Quilty)

Let’s face it – each of us has a list of places where we never wish to go. It is also inevitable that less politically stable places such as Iraq and Afghanistan are on many of your lists. We could, however, visit these places virtually by viewing the photos that Andrew has taken.

Andrew Quilty is one of Australia’s leading documentary practitioners, and his work has been collected by private and public institutions including The National Library of Australia and The Museum of Sydney. He subsequently traveled to the Middle East and Afghanistan and intends to return to Afghanistan on a more permanent basis in April. He is currently based in Northern Iraq.

If you know anyone who are fantastic travel photographers, feel free to comment below and let us know! 🙂


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