Food Worth Traveling For: The Europe Edition

1. Paris

(a) Baguette, (b) Escargots, (c) Crepes, (d) Moules (Mussels), (e) Salade Nicoise, (f) Pain au Chocolat, (g) Macarons,  (h) Quiche


Photo Credit: sharedappetite/abcnews/travelingsolemates/CT Bites

Travitas recommends: An affordable meal @ Place de la Madeleine

Address: Place de la Madeleine, 8th, Paris

Enjoy for the reasonable price of €15, a three-course meal at Place de la Madeleine. Even though there are limited items on the menu, you will be stunned by how value-for-money the meal is. A place with great ambience, offering classic French food. Raw Steak Tartare, a favourite Parisian foodie pilgrimage, is also served here.


 Photo Credit: sharedappetite/abcnews/travelingsolemates/CT Bites

2. Germany

(a) Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel), (b) Eintopf (Stew), (c) Kasespatzle (Cheese Noodles), (d) Kartoffelpuffer (Sweet Pancakes), (e) Sauerbraten (Pickled Pork), (f) Brezel (Pretzels), (g) Schnitzel Wiener (Pork Cutlet), (h) Wurst (Sausage)

Collage 2Photo Credit: expatica

Travitas recommends: €2.50 Currywurst @ Curry 36

Address: Mehringdamm 36, Kreuzberg, Berlin

German sausages occupy a special position in the hearts of Germans (and tourists alike). But now give it a twist – curry with sausages? You will not want to miss Curry 36 when eating currywurst the Berlin way. One of the leading stores selling currywurst, this snack bar appeals to individuals looking for an affordable and filling meal. Other Berlin specialties, such as fried burgers or meatballs, are also served here.



Photo Credit: theguardian

3. Italy

(a) Pizza Margherita, (b) Gelato, (c) Tiramisu, (d) Pasta Carbonara, (e) Risotto, (f) Ravioli, (g) Prosciutto, (h) Gnocchi


Photo Credit: theguardian

Travitas Recommends: Zucchini Flowers

Usually stuffed with mozzarella, then fried in olive oil, these crispy cheesy bites melt in your mouth and are definitely a reason for you to visit Tuscany.


Photo Credit: lifesambrosia

4. Spain

(a) Tapas (wide variety of appetizers), (b) Tortilla Espanola (Potatoes and Eggs), (c) Paella (Mixed rice),  (d) Gazepacho In Andalusia (Tomato Soup), (e) Crema Catalana (Crème Brule served cold), (f) Gambas Ajillo (Garlic Prawns), (g) Queso Manchego (Spanish Sheep Cheese), (h) Jamon Iberico (Ham)


Photo Credit: travelaway

Travitas Recommends: Eat like a Spaniard @ La Cerverseria Catalana 

Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 236, Barcelona

The restaurant offers delicious tapas, served with melted goat cheese over sautéed and stacked red and green peppers. Specializing in tapas, Eat Like a Spaniard features more elegant offerings than other tapas bars. Popular amongst the locals, you know you are missing out if you don’t visit this restaurant.


 Source: ohmycake

5. Amsterdam

(a) Poffertjes (Small, fluffy pancakes), (b) Bitterballen (Savory orbs), (c) Stroopwafles (Syrup Waffle), (d) Oliebollen (Donut), (e) Hollandse nieuwe haring (Raw herring fish), (f) Limburgse vlaai (fruit pie), (g) Stamppot (Mashed potatoes with sausage), (h) Patat (french fries)


Photo Credit: awesomeamsterdam

Travitas Recommends: Pepermunt

We have the popular ‘White Rabbit’ candy here in Asia. On the other side of the globe, Netherlands has the ‘Pepermunt’. This peppermint candy has been popular since it was introduced in the 1800s!





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