Spain Impressions

Visiting Spain was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I have only been to Seville and Barcelona (and Bunol for just a day), but I have been duly convinced that I will be back for more.


1. Seville is beautiful

Seville has a majestic cathedral, and in my opinion Plaza de Espana is one of the most beautiful plazas I have seen in my Europe trip last year. But most of all, it is through exploring the veins and alleyways of the town that you will find Seville most stunning.



Photo credit: University of Nottingham


Photo credit: Tripadvisor


Tip: Join a free walking tour and you can enjoy a walk around Seville with a tour guide. If you have time, you should also watch a flamenco show.


2. Gaudi is everywhere, and rightfully so


Antonio Gaudi will be the main hero of your Barcelona trip, if you intend to visit the important attractions there. He is an architect who has designed many stunning buildings and they have now become UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

La Sagrada Familia is one of the most important places to visit in Barcelona. Its grandness and unique architecture is definitely one of its kind.


Photo credit: Tourists 360


Another place to visit is Park Guell, which is where the iconic postcard picture of Barcelona is taken.




Photo credit: Conocer Barcelona


If you have time, do enter Casa Batllo. Once designed as a private residence, the interior of this building will make you feel like you’re in a magical underwater palace.


Photo credit: Casa Batllo


Tip: Get an audioguide at each of these places as it will help you make sense of the design elements and appreciate Gaudi’s architecture on a new level.


3. Tapas, anyone?

I think that the concept of tapas is a great one. Without committing to one single (large) main, you get to taste a variety of dishes in one meal, all washed down with a jug of sangria. The food in Seville tends to be cheaper than in Barcelona, but both places have superb food.


Photo credit: Suite Life

Tip: If you do not like (unpleasant) surprises with your food, Tripadvisor is your best friend.


4. Throwing tomatoes at other people is fun

Being renowned for festivals, or fiestas, I felt that I had to attend one as part of my complete Spanish experience. I attended La Tomatina 2014, which was most unforgettable and one of the craziest things I have done in my life. A truckful of tomatoes comes round the street and releases a barrage of tomatoes onto the ground, and everyone on the street picks the tomatoes up and throws them at everyone else. Despite the logistical nightmares that I imagined, only a few of them happened and it was more memorable and fun which made the trip worthwhile.


Photo credit:

09Photo credit: Travelatg

Tip: Research in advance what festivals take place during your trip. Even better, plan your trip around the festival you are about to attend. For La Tomatina, since it was a day trip to Bunol, we could book tours from Madrid or Barcelona, but not Seville.


Any other experiences about Spain you would like to share? Tell us more!


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