6 Travel Youtubers to Watch

If you too are getting distracted from your boring routine life or being in the busy stage of your semester, why not watch some travel vlogs and pretend that you’re out there in the world having fun, too? Here are a few of the ones I liked.

1. Wander the Map

I really enjoyed this short and well-made video of Belgium, which really brings me back to when I was in Brussels. Their series of videos also include other destinations like Greece and Toronto. Warning: Their videos will make you feel that aching wanderlust. You have been duly warned.

2.  Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine is quite a famous Youtuber and she’s got a crazy and fun personality. I found this travel budget video quite helpful. (Tip: If you don’t have much time to spare but want to watch longer videos, you can use the fast-forward function on Youtube. It’s the ultimate life-saver.)

3. Mark Wiens

I love Thai food and I’m sure most people do. Mark Wiens takes us through the eyes of a foodie to Thailand and other destinations like Vietnam in this video. An interesting one to burn a boring Saturday night on.

4. Sonia’s Travels

Another popular travel Youtuber, Sonia’s travel vlogs are very well-made and beautiful and she also has travel tips videos on her channel. One of my favourite travel vloggers on this list!

5. This World Rocks

This Youtube channel is by a young couple who are extensive travellers, with videos of them covering 41 countries in 18 months and similar long trips to very unique destinations. The following video shows them visiting lions in Antelope Park, Zimbabwe.

6. Booker Travels

Booker’s videos are so professionally made and interesting, you won’t believe that the videos were made and hosted by a 16-year-old teenager! Don’t be fooled by the age and the statistics, in my opinion his vlogs are very interesting and sometimes of higher quality than some other Youtubers’ vlogs.


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