5 Islands Near Singapore You Never Knew About

Summer is coming along. Itching for a short island getaway without having to spend on air tickets or accommodations? Why not consider these islands off the Singapore shore where you can spend a relaxing day!

Here are 5 islands that offer you the floral and fauna comparable to that of other countries. You never knew that such places exist near Singapore, didn’t you?

1. St. John’s Island

15615_og_1 image.img 15613_og_1

Source: fiuzu/yoursingapore

What to do: Truly a resort stay with clear beaches, picnic grounds and chalets. Could probably be viewed as a more relaxing East Coast park setting, with a much cleaner and vacant beach and chalets looking over the sea. There are also trekking routes that allow you to view a variety of flora and fauna, and soccer fields for groups of friends who wish to have some team playing activities.

How to go: Hop on the private hired boats service from Marina South Pier

Ferry Fare (round trip): $18/adult
4D3N (weekday) stay: $53.50/10 people

2. Pulau Hantu



Source: pulauhantu

What to do: Even though the name of the island may turn you off, but its name was given to it based on its vanishing middle portion during high tide. The island is host to diving enthusiasts, where its waters are perfect for snorkelling and watching marine life such as clownfish and seahorses. Now who says you could only view these beautiful marine creatures in our neighbouring countries?

How to go: There are no public outlets that you can hike on for transport. The only two ways that you can head to the island is by signing up for a dive with Hantu Divers or by chartering a private boat from West Coast or Marina South Pier.

3. Sisters’ Island


Source: NParks

What to do: Another island that is great for snorkelling. Sisters’ Islands is a marine park initiated to allow Singaporeans to have a first-hand experience of Singapore’s rich underwater biodiversity. Exploration takes you to view giant clams, endangered species of sea horses, octopuses and even reef sharks. Other activities include guided walks organised by NParks, or overnight camping.

How to go: Ferry services from Marina South Pier or West Coast Pier. For participants of NPark’s guided walks, boats will be chartered.

Ferry Fare (round trip): $18/adult
Guided walks: FOC

4. Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon) 

17775200 corney-island-01Source: addgrainonearth/today

What to do: A picturesque location for photo shoots, showcasing natural forested walkways. Will be opened up to the public this year (in 2015), so head there before it gets too popular with the crowd!

How to go: Take bus no. 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange

5. Lazarus Island & Pulau Seringat

?????????????????????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ??????????????????????

Source: x

What to do: Surely the best beach in Singapore for sun-tanning, swimming or other beach activities. Comparing to Tanjong beach in Singapore, it is vacant and most importantly, CLEAN. Clear waters and white sandy beaches are featured on this island, and could possibly be mistaken to be a Maldives getaway location!

How to go: Ferry services from Marina South Pier.

Ferry Fare (round trip): $18/adult


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