Next Stop: USA


Following the resounding success of Next Stop: Asia, we now spin you the second chapter of the series – Next Stop: USA!

Comprising of four mega events, this week-long celebration seeks to introduce you to the American culture. From free food to musical extravaganzas, informative seminars on travelling and living in America to an exciting murder-mystery game, we have got it all in store for you! So don’t wait, lock the dates and get a feel of “Living the American Dream”. Sign up now here!

Feb 2, 2015 (Mon): Soundbites – American Food & Music Festival free for all Travitas members, their plus-ones, and exchange students!

Feb 3, 2015 (Tue): “Hands-On” America – Sharing Seminar to explore the different studying (exchange and study missions) and internship opportunities in U.S.

Feb 4, 2015 (Wed): Work & Play USA – Network with our American friends, Professor and company and hear that they have to share about U.S. from a native perspective. Best for students considering to live in U.S. in the future!

Feb 5, 2015 (Thu): Honestly, America? – Travitas’ YouTube opening show! The show you cannot miss. Subscribe to us by clicking here.

Feb 6, 2015 (Fri): No Way Out – The most challenging competition of the year! Form a team of 2 and win up to $100 worth of prizes, and have lots of fun!

Sign up now by clicking here! Limited slots for each event.




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