School/Admission Year: School of Business, 2012

An interesting experience you had while traveling:
Since I started my first traveling experience to Bangkok in 2010, I have totally fallen in love with travelling. Within a short span of just 4 years, I have marked my footprints in more than 45 cities in nearly 10 countries spanning Asia.

Given such an extensive coverage, it is very hard for me to pinpoint a single experience that particularly stands out in my mind because I have enjoyed every single trip that I had. My travelling philosophy is that: blend into the local lifestyle – eat the local food, shop where the local patronise and visit the locals’ favourite spots. This way will give you the most fun and rewarding experience.

Why you love Travitas:
I am a crazy big fan of travelling and in fact, I have made it a philosophy for myself to travel at least twice a year. There is just so much fun and learning from traveling and visiting a new place. That largely explains why I love Travitas – a platform for me to share my passion with like-minded people and promote the benefits of travelling to a greater audience. Equally important is that we have a super awesome team! Everyone is very friendly and sweet. Here at Travitas, we work together like a big family!


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