Ser Yang

School/Admission Year: School of Economics, 2012

An interesting experience you had while traveling: I was at Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, in 2013 for a Business Study Mission. On the first night when we arrived, I decided to walk to a nearby restaurant with Zhi Jun, our Director (Strategic Development), and another female friend. It was almost 9pm (even though the Sun had not set yet) and the streets were empty. Halfway through our journey, a hobo approached us and snatched one of our bags. As it was the first one I had ever experienced a robbery, I did not know exactly how to react. So instinctively I turned around and charged towards the guy and got myself into the battle mode. The guy eventually let go of the bag and walked away. We then quickly settle down in a safe restaurant.

On hindsight, my response was not the wisest thing to do. The hobo might have a gun or knife which would have put our lives in danger. Thankfully we were all fine.

Why you love Travitas: I feel that the world is so large, and that no one can ever experience everything on their own. Therefore, there is much to be gain from sharing our individual unique experience when traveling. In addition, I think that traveling is more than just seeing the places of interest. It is about experiencing the people, culture, understanding and appreciating differences.

At Travitas, we create a platform for students to learn from one another through sharing their travel experiences, and to help them make a more informed choice about their travel decisions. Most importantly, we want to help cultivate a culture in SMU that promotes tolerance, understanding and appreciation of differences in the society.


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