SMU Travitas – Executive Committee Elections


SMU Travitas is now recruiting its 2nd Executive Committee (ExCo). We are looking for individuals with the following shared values and qualities:

  1. Passion for traveling
  2. Strong believer of global exposure, diversity and inclusion
  3. Creativity
  4. Willing to undertake risk
  5. Punctual

The ExCo application window has officially closed. Thank you for your interest.

Below are the various job descriptions:

Vice President

  • Responsible for the welfare of the ExCo members, with power to make justifiable adjustments to allow the club to run smoothly
  • Oversight of all administrative matters
  • Vetting of all official materials
  • Develop collaborations with various stakeholders
  • Assist President whenever necessary

Director, Design

  • Responsible for overall online & offline aesthetics (requires photoshop skills and strong creativity)
  • Generating design materials for all activities, including but not limited to event posters, marketing visuals, merchandise design

Director, Marketing

  • Responsible for generating Electronic Direct Marketing (requires strong creativity)
  • Develop marketing strategies across various platforms, including on social media platforms, through email, and during events

Director, Media & Engagement

  • Responsible for the daily engagement and maintenance of all social media platforms (requires proficiency and interest in multiple social media platforms)
  • Develop social media strategies across various platforms that will promote the Travitas brand
  • Support effective marketing through social media

Director, Communications

  • Responsible for the handling of Travitas official email account (requires responsiveness)
  • In charge of online storage/safe-keeping of all documents
  • Handle all administrative tasks

Director, Strategic Development

  • Responsible for all campaigns (including member recruitment, elections, Partners program, survey and more)
  • In charge of hard copy publications
  • Key strategies and handler of the Partners program

Director, Events

  • Responsible for planning & executing regular events for each semester (twice a semester; one week-long event and one standalone event)
  • Ensure that the 2 pillars of focus (Global Exposure & Student Support Framework) are satisfied

Director, Special Projects

  • Responsible for planning & executing ad hoc events (anything other than the regular events happening every semester)
  • Ensure that the 2 pillars of focus (Global Exposure & Student Support Framework) are satisfied

Director, Advisory

  • Responsible for handling, planning and executing all collaborative efforts between Travitas and Office of Global Learning
  • Manage relations with internal stakeholders within SMU

Director, Operations

  • Responsible for all operation needs, such as logistics execution and manpower organisation
  • In charge of offline storage/safe-keeping of all documents and properties
  • In charge of planning & execution of Travitas merchandise
  • Develop holistic crisis management plans

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